Monday, July 21, 2008

What's in a Name, Part 1

As I was working through the references in a draft document recently, I ended up for the first time in a corner of Intelliepedia. Intellipedia is an open source, unclassified Wiki project hosted by the Intelligence Community, a diverse group of agencies with a common agenda. This seems to be a vital resource which supports some number of groups and it should be considered as an emerging community of practice. It is an interesting experiment, one that I hope will continue for a while and not, like most Government programs, be stifled by the misperceptions, internal politics and under-funding which are the nature of bureaucracy. Does anyone remember the fate of the “e-Gov” initiatives which were the darlings of the new administration just a few short years ago?

For deep background on Intellipedia and it’s leaders, see the “FCW Insider” story

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