Thursday, December 15, 2016

What's in a Name, Part II

I've done some occasional browsing in Intellipedia and it is turning out to be a nice, if still limited, resource. The search feature is useful; for instance I found xx (a moderate number) of hits on the term "knowledge management." These hits are from the Intelligence Community's commentary, a meta-meta-data if you will. You won't find these connections through a conventional Google search as Intellipedia's search is not "federated." I've found some useful stuff that I plan to return to again sometime soon.

More exciting is the random page feature, something every wiki should support. The first few tries led me to pages similar to the CIA World Factbook. The next one was a serendipitous discovery of...

BOSPIAR - Innovation on Demand

My first impression was this was a serious case of acronymitis. But as I read the short series of posts, I find that the author is on to something. He is a describing the symptoms of a common organizational behaviour.

In IT, we are always using BOSPIAR for problem solving. It is used frequently in engineering, and more often than not in finance. It also seems to be the prevelent approach to our fledgeling LEAN efforts. Where do you use it in your organization?

BOSPIAR is a useful name for a common pattern, and I'm putting it into my Acronym Watch List.

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