Monday, December 20, 2010

The Devil in the Details

From one of the news feeds that I receive comes this wonderfull assessment of bureaucracy:

#483, 6 December, Peter Koestenbaum Ph.D.


Good business strategy requires staying in touch with reality, that is, paying meticulous attention to practical details and to the precise needs of your immediate and end customers. Visionaries often have trouble with these details. They do not comprehend that the forest is made of trees. ...

On the border between the objective assessment of reality and the ability to survive in it, is the bureaucracy that surrounds us. Balzac said that bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies. Concern with details is bureaucratic, but it is precisely such attention to meticulous preparation that ensures quality and thus success. ...

Bureaucracy is depersonalizing, alienating. It entails treating human beings without feeling, without compassion, without forgiveness, without consideration for their uniqueness or their special circumstances. It entails not touching their center. ...

Bureaucracy is nevertheless necessary for efficiency's sake. Bureaucracy gets you to work in the morning, provides your lunch, sends your paycheck, pays your medical bills, and sustains your job. Bureaucracy protects the nation from total chaos. It is a reality that you must confront, accept, conquer, understand, appreciate. But it is also a reality that you must never allow to destroy you as a human being, as a soul embodied in flesh and blood.


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