Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thinking about Forests and Trees

Many Knowledge Management strategies are based on the idea that an enterprise, which is any big organization - and all bureaucracies - is a bounded place. Hence, to communicate within the enterprise you will need some common framework such as email to facilitate that exchange. This logic applies to websites as well as email, and to document management systems, payroll systems, financial systems, travel systems ...

So far, that's good. All too soon though it seems that economics gets in the way. Since you have a need for at least one common tool as the logic goes, well, your incremental cost for other related tools will probably be lower, particularly if you can share some of the costs, technology and customer base. Quite obviously, it is a short step from KM need to Enterprise Solution. I am afraid that it is a short step, and a long fall. At least that has been my experience.

"SocialMe" has done a great job of stepping outside the box of conventional technological thinking to survey the new landscape. I particularly enjoy the illustrations, along with the tag line
"There is no tool to rule them all."

Highly recommended reading!

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